Johnson Diversey Ontario, Canada

The customer has a small retaining catch basin containing 10,000 liters. On a daily basis effluent released is base (PH-7-11). In case retaining tank reaches PH 7.5 an automated system (using a looped PH meter) kicks in a uses CO2 diffuser to neutralize the base. In case the PH goes about 8.5 the risk of a reportable spill is very high. The CO2 might not be enough to handle the PH level. We will connect the WI-Plug system directly into the PLC controlling the CO2 system. In case the system senses the PH level goes above 8.5 the WI-plug will deploy and prevent the contaminated water from leaving the tank. This will also generate an alarm allowing personnel to react and neutralize the fluid. This is the perfect application for the WI-Plug, creating a fail - safe system that will prevent chemicals from leaving the facility even without human intervention. At the same time will generate an alarm to verify all personnel are notified of this serious event and can properly react to it. On top of the audible alarm in the PLC system, the WI-Plug system will send out emails to all smart phones in its database.


Another option for Antenna:

A flat protective plastic enclosure that contains the antenna in areas where snow is cleared. The cover is below the surface of the road. Trucks can drive over the antenna cover. This is installed in Timken St. Thomas Ontario.


JohnsonDivercey, Ontario. The catch basin is under the tripod. This installation follows a massive spill of bleach which was released into the city storm sewer system. This will never happen again!


In the bottom right the edge of the catch basin can be seen, we dug a small ditch to allow the antenna conduit to be interested. The antenna was mounted in on the electric pole in the back of the image.



A test performed in Johnson Divercy system. The bladder can be seen inflated in the pipe.

Inflated Bladder System:

An image of the "other side" of an inflated bladder. The tripod is used in order to support the bladder back side. The bladder has a rigid rib and in order not to strain it we install a simple two rod support system. This is a 24" viton bladder inflated prior to shipping as is any product leaving our facility. This is a part of our quality control, a full system test in house. Another full test will be done post installation at customer site by customer.